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Our Kits

Several of our kits are designed to help students learn more about geology.

We love helping kids to learn about rocks, minerals, fossils and
so much more about the wonderful world of Geology!

Here are just a few of our more popular kits!  Be sure to check out the shop for more kits, rough and tumbled stones, geodes and fun accessories.


 Deluxe Rock and Mineral Kit

Our most popular kit!  You get 25 individually bagged and identified specimens, the Dig into Rocks full color booklet, a nice collection checklist, a little bag of mystery mix for you to sort through and a geode to break open!  It’s the perfect way to start a rock and mineral collection or add to the one you’ve already started.


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Little Kid Kit

This kit was designed with younger children in mind.  We try our best to ensure that all the stones are a larger size than normal, so their is less time worrying and more time having fun!  The kit includes 15 specimens, a hand made collection bag with lots of room of all kinds of treasures and a full color ID sheet!  Great for introducing your little ones to geology!

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Fossil Collection Kit

This kit is perfect for your budding paleontologist!  Generally included are popular favorites like Petrified Wood and Shark Teeth.  You get 10 individually bagged and labeled specimens plus the full color Dig into Fossils booklet!  All fossils are legally purchased from wholesale sources.

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Crystal Collection Kit

Who doesn’t love beautiful crystals!  They have inspired awe and wonder through the ages and are always a favorite of rockhounds everywhere.  We have done our best to create a kit with beautiful specimens at an affordable price. You get 10 individually bagged and labeled specimens, plus an information sheet on some of the more common crystals!

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We have even more fun and educational kits available! You can find them at our shop site, plus rough and tumbled stones, geodes and other fun accessories!


Be sure to take a peek if you are seeking the best in geology education with Dragon Mountain Tresures!

Larger or Educational Orders… 

We love helping kids to learn about rocks…
it’s our main company objective!

And when we can help with larger orders for schools,
day cares, scout groups, we like to offer a discount for your order.

We also accept purchase orders from reconized organizations,
such as schools and other educational groups.

Discount for Teachers… 

We would love to help you to get decent geology
resources for your classroom!
If you visit our rock and mineral supply company site…
you can get 20% off your student order…

Just use this coupon code for your order over $50… GEOTEACH

If you require a purchase order and terms, we’d be happy to help out!
You will need to contact us and we can provide the discount
for you to turn in for your purchase order. 
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We have supplied many schools with rocks, minerals,
fossils and other exciting geology supplies!
We LOVE to help teach kids about geology and there’s nothing
better than hands on! Let us help you!